About Me

I'm a musician, sound and multimedia designer based in Seattle. My work is informed by the intersection between art and science, design and technology, structure and flow.

As a sound designer I'm fairly obsessed with instrumentation, recording, mixing, and production experimentation. Since I first started playing music as a kid, my focus has always been finding the right sound for the moment.

In much of my recent music I have been inspired by the idea of evoking the spaciousness of the Western landscape, of journeying long distances in search of hopeful horizons. My style blends classic psychedelic rock and electronic sensibilities punctuated with a bluesy baritone guitar. I love all kinds of music but I often gravitate toward simple, repetitive, trance inducing yet upbeat musical forms from both the darker and sunnier ends of the emotional spectrum.

I've been a product designer, recording studio designer, professor of sound design, built interactive sound related exhibits, created algorithmic composition tools, designed experimental electro-acoustic instruments, co-founded a sample library company (with my work being included in major releases by Native Instruments and Ableton) and invented performance lighting devices.