Design etc

I am a multimedia designer with an emphasis in audio-related projects. My skills include: coding custom applications in Cycling 74's Max; inventing lighting devices; creating graphic designs, websites and marketing materials; teaching sound design, graphic design, 3D modeling, video production and art history at the university level; consulting on studio design; designing educational interactive exhibits; building guitar amps, effects pedals and instruments; doing custom electronics prototyping and repair. I earned a master's degree in interactive media design from New York University. Below is a small selection of projects that demonstrate some of my talents and experiences:

The Evergreen Stage Recording Studio

I led a team that redesigned, rebuilt and reopened a historic recording and post-production studio in Los Angeles. Among many other things we installed and refurbished a storied 72 channel Neve 8078 console, built a Dolby Atmos dub stage, gutted and redesigned the entire interior, production suites and smaller recording rooms. I designed all of the company’s branding as well as created and implemented the marketing plan to help bring this facility back to life. We hosted a huge range of artists and companies including Herbie Hancock, Bauhaus, Justin Bieber, Jordan Smith, David Foster, The BBC,, Chainsmokers, Netflix, Jimmy Vivino (Conan show), Flo Rida, Dave Jerden (Jane’s Addiction, Alice in Chains), John Fryer (Depeche Mode, NIN), Nick Launay (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), Dionne Warwick, Walter Afanaseiff (Mariah Carey, Barbra Streisand).


I co-founded and created the identity, branding and initial product lines for an audio sample library company based in Berlin. We produced extensive content that is included as part of Ableton Live.

Strange Attractor

I invented a modular performance lighting product for musicians. I designed the hardware and coded the software to allow musicians to use MIDI to control a series of RGB LEDs embedded within the body of a MIDI controller.

Glazer Children's Museum

I directed all aspects of $5m design-build project to create 175 interactive exhibits for the Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa, FL.

Connecticut Science Center

Designing the interactive educational exhibits for Hartford's science center gave me the chance to lead teams of content developers, 3D and graphic designers and work with all kinds of academic content specialists, building designers and engineers, product inventors and artists. I have been deeply involved in all aspects required to design, fabricate and install hundreds of complicated, interactive, educational exhibits internationally.

The New York Hall of Science

While at the New York Hall of Science, in addition to overseeing the installation, debugging and maintenance of a $10m expansion, I also redesigned many of the aging exhibits' casework, environmental graphics, and created new software and interfaces.


This project from my time at NYU allowed each of two people connected over a network to control one side of a mechanical-acoustic instrument thus allowing them to play music together remotely via a physical instrument in the same space.


For my master's thesis at NYU I created a suite of generative programs to be used as aids for music composition.

Misc Things

I've built custom guitars, assisted a famous artist with installations at MoMA, ran the sound for celebrity appearances and movie screenings in the Hollywood Forever cemetery for 5000 people, turned a computer into a stringed instrument, created interior residential designs, designed jewelry and decorative knives, prototyped and repaired electronics projects, made an animatronic witch head...